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Sweetgrass Braid | 1 Pack
Sweetgrass Braid | 1 Pack

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Sweetgrass Braid | 1 Pack

Sweetgrass Braid | 1 Pack


Sweetgrass (Hierochloe odorata) is a sacred herb commonly used in smudging ceremonies to welcome back positive energy to people, objects or spaces. It is well known for its fresh, sweet, vanilla-like scent. Sweetgrass is braided because it signifies the hair of Mother Earth with each strand representing love, kindness and honesty. 

Authentic Native American hand harvested Sweetgrass. Thickness and length may vary.

As with many hand-made products, please expect some variation. 


Sweetgrass smudging is usually performed after a space has been cleared of negative energies. Begin by setting your intention. Ask the sweetgrass to purify your spirit and to invite beautiful, blessed, positive energies and spirits into your space. Light the end of the braid. Walk around and allow braid to smolder and fill your space with it's sweet aroma.

**Please make sure the braid smoke is COMPLETELY out before leaving the area unattended**

Keep out of reach of children, animals and flammable material.


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