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10 Powerful Tips to Help You Meditate Better

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10 Powerful Tips to Help You Meditate Better

Thinking of meditating the first time or struggling to concentrate while meditating? If so, here we have mentioned some tips to help you meditate when your mind distracts, or you don’t feel motivated. Read the article further to make your meditation easy and simple.

1. Start Early

Try to practice meditation early in the morning. It helps you kick-start your day with a more focused and active mind. This way, you also don’t forget to meditate because of the hectic schedule.

2. Find the Best Meditation Position

You don’t need to always sit up too straight for meditation. You need to find the ideal meditating position for yourself. The best position for most people is sitting on a couch, sofa, or chair, with a cushion underneath the backside, legs and arms uncrossed, and feet straight and flat on the floor.

3. Don’t Worry about Wandering Mind

People usually stop practicing meditating, as they notice their mind wandering every time they start meditating. But it is totally normal for you to get distracted. When it happens with you, try to bring back your focus on the meditation. With time, your mind will stop wandering.

4. Stick to a Particular Time

It is much easier to practice meditation when you make it a habit. For this, you need to pick a time of the day to meditate. So, when you regularly do it before drinking coffee in the evening or before going to sleep, you will be able to do it regularly.

5. Meditate with Others

You may feel that mediation is a kind of personal activity, but doing it with others has surprising benefits.  It keeps you motivated and engaged and allows everyone in the group to benefit others with their positive energies and vibes.

6. Start with Breathwork

Doing breathwork to settle your mind is the best way to start meditation. In fact, many practices also revolve around breathing. Moreover, breathing has emotional and mental benefits that help you maintain focus during practice. It also helps you calm your nervous system while meditating.

7. Consider Different Meditations

There are different types of meditations that you can try to figure out the best fit for you. Here are some of the common ones.

8. Create a Beautiful Meditation Space

Find a small space in your house that is relaxing and quiet. Remove anything useless from that place, and clean it. Place the meditation items or tools you will require. Keep one or two plants at the corners to maximize the benefits. You can also create a cozy feel by closing the curtains and turning off the light.

9. Start with Short Meditations

You don’t need to do your first mediation session for an hour. Take baby steps, and start practicing it for 5 minutes. Once you become used to it, you can gradually increase your time.

10. Do a Few Stretches

Some people feel more comfortable and do better meditation if they do few stretches at the beginning of the session. Not only it helps you calm and relax, but also it helps you get into a good mental state before starting meditation.

Bottom Line

If you are struggling while meditating, try to be as calm as possible. Don’t make it complex and challenging for yourself. Meditate for a few minutes and try to breathe and stretch at the beginning of the session. And yes, don’t worry if you get distracted, as you will learn to focus completely on your practice with time.