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The Transformative Power of Stillness

Posted by Natalie Rosado on

The Transformative Power of Stillness

Living in a highly fast-paced, multi-functional society, stillness is like an alien concept for all of us. We are so used to working at a breakneck pace on daily basis and multi-tasking that we don’t even stop to consider the benefits of practicing stillness amidst the endless task lists.

Yet there is immense power in stillness and you only need to practice it once to experience the empowerment it brings you in multiple ways. Here are some of the top benefits of practicing stillness:

1. Letting Go

When you practice stillness, you transition into a phase where you do not engage with the worrisome thoughts that plague your mind. When you learn to let go of thoughts, you learn the value of eliminating mental burdens from your life and freeing up some space for more positivity.

2. De-stress

When you are not responding to your parasympathetic system when in stillness, you learn to rest and relax. This happens in the absence of fight and flight and you give in to your sympathetic processes. This allows your mind to calm, let go of stress and find more peace.

3. Giving Voice to Your Intuition

We all have a myriad of voices insides telling us what to do, how to be, how to look and so many pressurizing ‘shoulds’. With stillness, we dim those voices and instead let our intuition guide us to know what is true for us and our betterment.

4. Enhanced Clarity

Stillness does not resolve problems but it surely helps us take a step back from situations and see it from a vantage point. This gives us a clearer view in how best to deal with the situation. When you’re in the middle of the problem, clear thinking is often not possible but with stillness, you extricate yourself mentally and emotionally to tap into your intuitive wisdom.

5. Better Listening

Stillness teaches us to listen and to be more present in where we are. With this, we learn to talk less. Instead of impulsively voicing our opinions, we become better listeners.

We pay for attention to what others are saying and respond more empathetically and effectively. With this, our relationships improve and become enriched with more rewards.

6. Better Health

Stillness works wonders for your health because once you slow down in life, your blood pressure normalizes, your stress decreases, immune system improves and your serotonin levels increase. All of these serve to enhance our health.

Similarly, the general relaxed state that comes from practicing stillness also helps us sleep better. With consistent nights of restful sleep, your physical, mental and emotional health improves significantly too.

7. More Self-Awareness

This is an automatic by-product of practicing stillness. It helps you become more conscious of yourself in the world, how you are and your self-worth.

It helps you analyze yourself better as you interact with the people around and you pay attention to what you are taking away and adding to your relationships. You learn to take more ownership of the facets and situations of your life and break out of the victim-like mindset.

Final Thoughts

Practicing stillness does not meaning breaking the pace at which we accomplish things in life, it means to give ourselves time to let go, unburden, analyze ourselves better and achieve a sense of clarity. With this, we improve our health, the quality of our life and our personality significantly.