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Strategies for Dealing with Difficult Situations

Posted by Natalie Rosado on

Strategies for Dealing with Difficult Situations

No one promises that life will be a bed of roses. In fact, it’s only natural that we find ourselves facing difficult situations as opposed to manageable ones. When challenges arise, what strategies can help us hold our ground?

Let’s take a look at them below:

1. Distress is Short-lived

When times of distress seem to prevail, do not let your heart and mind believe that it is going to be in a permanent situation. Instead, build morale by reminding yourself of how all the past difficult situations in your life faded eventually.

Was there a particularly trying time you escaped through unharmed, even when you believed you wouldn’t at that time? Remind yourself in each crisis that distress is short-lived, and you will make it through.

2. Face It

Often, when difficulties arise, people tend to run away from them. We tend to hide or live in denial instead of facing problems head-on. It's always best to acknowledge the problem or difficulty and invest efforts into finding solutions for them.

Even if you can’t fix the problem, try to devise ways of coping with it.

3. Reach Out for Help

In times of trouble, never let your pride stand in the way. Asking for help or support does not lower your dignity or respect. In fact, it will show you just how much your family, friends, and acquaintances value you and are willing to help you.

Think of contacts who can help you get out of the dilemma, and do not hesitate to seek help and wisdom in times of duress.

4. Maintain Perspective

When situations get out of hand, and we make a mess of things, we unintentionally berate ourselves. It does not take us long to call ourselves failures, losers and say we’re useless.

Our first response to stressors must be of positivity and encouragement to ourselves. Perhaps asking yourself the following will help you gain perspective and boost your self-confidence:

  • What am I grateful for despite everything?
  • What is good in me and that my loved ones cherish in me?
  • What can I still accomplish in life despite the current setback?
  • What have I achieved thus far that will never fade away despite the crises in life?
  • Do my loved ones still find me a source of joy?
  • What can I do still to turn my current crises into a positive experience?
  • How can I still build myself, move forward?
  • How would I support my best friend/loved one if they were in this position and I was giving them solace?

5. Make a Plan

No matter how dire the circumstances, do not fail to make a plan of rescue. Pull all of the resources you can and put your best efforts to solve whatever calamity strikes you. Remind yourself that you bigger than the situation, and nothing can stop you from trying to change things around.