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A Brief History of Essential Oils

Posted by Lydia Noyes on

Here at Auravive, we’re proud to carry on the tradition of essential oils into the 21st century. Cultures worldwide have reaped their rewards for thousands of years, and today’s essential oils carry this legacy into the modern age. In this article, we give a quick history on essential oils. 

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How to Spot Synthetic Essential Oils

Posted by Jessica Rosado on

Essential oils have tremendous health benefits, including reducing stress, boosting mental clarity, improving your mood, and purifying the air. But impure oils don't have the ability to give you the results you might be expecting. We've outlined some things to look out for when shopping for essential oils.

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7 Reasons You Should Use Essential Oils and How to Use Them

Posted by Natalie Rosado on

Essential oils not only smell great, but they also contain many beneficial properties that could protect you from illness, give you relief from stress and anxiety and so much more. Here are 7 reasons you should start using essential oils.

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